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True Guy - Undyed Frankenstein Denim Ecru

True Guy - Undyed Frankenstein Denim Ecru

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The Undyed Frankenstein Denim stands as a 14oz Japanese denim masterpiece, intricately woven in an alternating twill pattern.

This denim embodies a captivating blend of intricate details: featuring alternating left-hand and right-hand twill sections that transition throughout the fabric.

To enhance its unique texture, we've incorporated a big slub yarn, alternating between thick and thin sections, offering an exceptional tactile experience. Unlike typical denim, this fabric doesn't undergo the anti-skewing process, allowing the natural twist of the fabric to manifest.

Consequently, the left-hand twill portions gradually twist to the right, while the right-hand twill sections twist to the left over time. Crafted from unbleached, undyed cotton yarns, it exudes a natural, raw aesthetic.

Comprising 100% cotton, this denim exudes a classic rigid feel with rich texture. Finished with tonal stitching, a vegan-friendly apple leather patch (amusingly placed upside down), traditional button fly, and silver metallic hardware, each pair is meticulously crafted in Canada.

The True Guy boasts a straight leg fit with a medium rise, offering extra room in the seat and thigh, falling straight from knee to hem.

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