Founded in 2020, Bleu Brut is a distinctive French denim store nestled in Bordeaux, specializing in selvedge denim. This boutique brand embraces the essence of Japanese denim craftsmanship, incorporating meticulous design and utilizing the finest indigo dyes. Offering a curated collection of jeans, jackets, and accessories, BLEU BRUT's focus on quality and authenticity is evident in every stitch. The store's commitment to sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with the demand for eco-conscious fashion. Immerse yourself in the unique world of BLEU BRUT, where French elegance meets the artistry of Japanese denim, all woven together in the rich hues of indigo.

If you're in Bordeaux, don't hesitate, come by say hi!
10.30am - 7pm
68 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges
33000 Bordeaux