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Training Sweater Merino / Cotton - Battleship Grey

Training Sweater Merino / Cotton - Battleship Grey

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The Raglan Heavyweight Fleece offers a blend of functionality, comfort, and durability, perfect for colder climates or outdoor activities. Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Material Composition: The fleece is crafted from a blend of 40% Merino wool and 60% cotton. This combination provides the warmth and softness of Merino wool on the inside while maintaining the durability and structure of cotton on the outer shell.

  2. Admiral Stripes: Three admiral stripes are added to the cuff and hem of the fleece, not only as a design element but also for extra reinforcement, ensuring longevity and durability in high-wear areas.

  3. Wide Cuff and Hem: The fleece features an extra-wide cuff and hem, enhancing comfort and providing a secure fit, while also adding to the garment's overall durability.

  4. Sleek Silhouette: The absence of a V at the front creates a sleeker silhouette, giving the sweater a more modern and streamlined look.

  5. Overlock Stitching: Overlock stitching is used throughout the garment, providing sturdiness and preventing fraying, even after repeated washes and wear.

  6. Manufacturing Process: The fabric and sweater are woven, dyed, and sewn in Germany, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Additionally, the garments are made on loop wheel machines, known for their precision and ability to create seamless knitwear.

  7. Care Instructions: The fleece can be washed at 30°C Wool Wash, with minimal shrinkage expected, similar to that of favorite denim jeans. With wear, the fleece develops a patina on the outside, adding character and uniqueness depending on the level of use and wear by the owner.

Overall, the Raglan Heavyweight Fleece combines the best of Merino wool's warmth and softness with the durability and structure of cotton, making it an ideal choice for those seeking comfort, style, and longevity in their outdoor or cold-weather clothing.

Classic fit, true to size.

Will fit tight to the body when you first put them on but after a couple of wear's it softens up and perfectly adjusts to your body shape, similar to a fresh pair of jeans

Lionel is 182cm tall and weighs 73kg, he is wearing size M.

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