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B-02 Straight - 14oz. Easy Fade Hemp Selvedge

B-02 Straight - 14oz. Easy Fade Hemp Selvedge

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B-02 is the classic vintage silhouette from the 1940s. This is a confortable fit, with a high rise yet with some room in the top block and all along the legs. Recommended fit for you guys wearing heritage work boots. (love you all).


The 14 oz. easy fade hemp selvedge fabric is crafted with warp yarns that fade quickly due to a special indigo dye, shortening the break-in period for a faded appearance. The warp is organic cotton, while the undyed weft is a blend of hemp and conventional cotton, offering strength, breathability, and sustainability. The slightly rough inside surface enhances crispiness, accelerating high-contrast fading.



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