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B-01 Slim - 14oz. Easy Fade LHT Selvedge

B-01 Slim - 14oz. Easy Fade LHT Selvedge

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B-01 is the perfect "for everybody" fit, slim all the way down the leg, but not skinny. It's a versatile cut that could be worn in a multitude of occasions. This B-01 slim's shape is great either for a smart or a more laidback look. 


The 14oz. Easy Fade LHT is a very specific fabric in 2 ways:

First all, it's what is called a "left hand twill" , a specific and rare construction (opposed to right hand twill) known to develop  a softer hand with time.

The other interesting aspect of this fabric is the "Easy Fade" dying. Benzak has created in collaboration with Candiani this denim for anyone with less time or patience to achieve great fades. Expect nice results in only a few months of constant wear.

The last picture is a side by side comparison with a brand new pair vs a 3 months worn pair.



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